Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Brand New Day

hello :-) you must see there's something changed here. Yup, the layout is TOTALLY NEW!

I was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bored with the old layout. But now, everything is new. So give me your comments about this layout. What you like & hate from this new layout. So so girly, I think? Full of candy-candy-colors. Pastel blink blink? Hell yeah, to be honest, I like it.

I changed this layout as a symbol...for a new beginning. Yeah, I already left that 'past' about a year ago but there is no 'late' word for a brand new day, right? As a beginning too to leave my middle school moments. I'll be missing you guys. Every enemies and friends there, I won't forget them. Now everything (I think) is done.

I'm ready for the high school moments! can't wait to meet new friends and new experience there.
My life really has changed. So many things I never thought before will be happen to me. Yeah, ya know, how time showed me its power. That I be a better & worse person at a same time. But we couldn't do anything to make the time back right? So I (must) happy with these conditions...which was my chose. I got things, I lost things too.

Kinda sad, but I know I have my new family...they're supporting me, they're hoping for my presence, they are my best now. So I'm happy enough to see my life now ;-)

So, how are ya guys? It's been a long time since I visited your blog. I'm sorry, it's been a complicated months, and It wasn't easy to make the things be better. SO, I'm ready for blogwalking again and meet new friend, meet new experience, meet Since now.

Uhm, and I have one more (undone) job. Let's see how it ends up. If this is perfect enough, I'll share this job later....

Byebye folks!


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  2. Oh iya yahh.. berarti tadi koneksi inet gw yg dodol.. pantesan yg blogger gitu gak bisa gw komenin =_=''

    eh btw nice juga nih template, sip sip yg rajin ngeblog lagi deh yaa hehehe

  3. dont worry hight school issend that hard! ur strong enough to finish it yourself! and your lay out is lovely!

    Hugs from your uncle in the netherlands!


  4. love ur new layour very much, paams!

    huhuy, si paams udah SMA!
    inilah saatnya lo mencari jati diri lo, paams. temukan passion lo, cita-cita lo, the best in u lah pokoknya. inilah masa muda lo, paams. try EVERYTHING. yes, EVERYTHING.

  5. bagus koq paams blognya..perempuan sekali..khas anak yg baru sma. hahaha..
    selamat ngeblog lagi!! siap menghadapi kehidupan yg baru ya!!

  6. leotnya kurang rame paaams. hahahaa... tapi warnanya lucu.


    waduh basa inggris lg. gw kan gak ngerti. udahlah. slamat datang di sma aja.. kalo ada senior nyolottin, cium aja.. *tips gak guna*

  7. sip buat layout nya. girly abis yah huehuehue.
    hoho sama paams, gw juga ga sabar pengen SMA. buang jauh2 emblem osis kuning!

  8. waah layoutnya oke.

    baru mau lulus ya? oye semoga betah di SMA ya hohoho

  9. welcobe back and nice ro meet you

  10. layoutnya keren pams...

    slamat dtg di SMA, yg katanya masa2 paling indah...:))

  11. wasap paams
    lama tak jumpe

    jieeh potonya tarki bgt deh

  12. wedyan.. asyik bener blognya he.he.he..he..

  13. lucu warnanya. hehehe.
    at least ga terlalu ribet lah pake2 navigation wkwk.

  14. Lucu ko ley ot nya paams..
    Wah cpet yah uda sma aj..
    Gudluck d paams bwt smwnya.. :)

  15. wah selamat nih.. tampilan barunya bagus..

    *padahal aku lom liat tampilan lama.. :D*

    salam kenal yee..

  16. huwaaaw bahasa inggris. aku juga pengen.. but i'm still waiting for the rigth momment hehe. welcome back paams! awas lu kalo sampe hiatus lagi!

  17. huaaaa.. pame telah kembali. hahahaha. welcome back, mel! sering" postingan yeee. qiqiqi. kapan nih bisa telfonan? kangen kangen. mau ceritaa. gwkwkwk. and the layout is soo cute! bikin sendiri?

  18. Hmmm,, nice
    lucu layoutna na,...

    lam kenal,, mampir2 deh ke blog gw

  19. layoutnya lucu pam tpi kurang lebar kolom yg buat tulisannya [ato gwnya yg buta ya? hehehe] tpi tetep lucu kok!

  20. cieh ganti kulit. heheheh. bagus kok. cantik kayak yang komen (lho?)
    yaah girly banget khas khas anak mau SMA gitcu lhooh.

  21. suka paams!

    welcome to high school life, deh :D

  22. aduh bahas wong bule. aku ora ngertiiii. btw salam kenal yahh

  23. yang baru oke nih!

    selamat menempuh hidup baru, paams! *udah kayak merit aja, hehe*

  24. cieeee yg layout barunya bagus, hho..

    warnanya menyenangkan sekali, Paams, love it :)