Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

**Rules: copy and paste the image above and list 10 things that makes you happy.

1. meet new people and find new stuffs on 'em :)
2. have a nice chit chat with him.
3. thousand of new books.
4. hanging out with my friends, not just with my bitches, but my friends from other places. just like bloggers.
5. Paramore(!)
6. go shopping but where the money isn't the problem!
7. listening to my favorite music, sing along with the songs, and then the music fills myself and gives me a new strength (okay, this is kinda weird, but I used to do this.)
8. playing instruments when I want to play it, not because people tell me to.
9. taking pictures when I want to do it, not because people tell me to.
10. when I feel really healthy and have the power to do crazy things!

gak gue tag ke siapa-siapa hihi, btw makasih tag nya, Sha :)